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She’s Back, One Year Later

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

As I sit here on the plane flying back to Los Angeles from Boston, I thought there was no better time to write and have a quick catch-up with you. My last Life Of Ella post was in May of 2020, and to say a lot has happened since then is an understatement. I don’t have an elaborate story as to why I stopped writing. I think for a while it seemed tone-deaf to continuing blogging at a time when the world was so heavy. That heaviness continued for much of the year and blogging turned into something I completely put off. I felt as though nothing I could write about would be of any importance with the unprecedented struggle going on in the world. So, I decided to take a step back. I am not known for being a procrastinator, but for some reason, keeping up my blog was a task that was easy to ignore. My mom and I tease my dad for his famous quote “I’ll get to it” and I quickly realized Life of Ella was similarly something I would "get to.”

But, 12 months later, I am finally ready to "get to it”.

You may have noticed it looks a little different around here. I decided to give Life of Ella a makeover to better represent who I am. You may have also noticed that all my original posts dating back to 2017 are no longer there, and in their place are just a few curated posts.

As for me, I have changed too. I am now going into my senior year of college at Boston University, yes that’s right, senior year. Not surprisingly, I also have different interests and passions than I did when I started blogging in high school! I am eager to write about topics like the stress of finding an internship during undergrad years, how to keep a positive outlook when what’s being thrown at you is anything but, the direction I see for the upcoming "vaxed girl summer", or how to become more of an ethical consumer. While I primarily focused on superficial lifestyle content in the past, I hope to be able to use this reimagined platform to share my thoughts on issues I find affecting young women and things that resonate with me. I would also like to know what you would want to see here, so if you have any ideas, please pass them along.

I want Life of Ella to serve as a place where you can come to get a mix of advice or learn more about an important worldly issue, while also being able to shift gears and read about upcoming fashion trends or my favorite recipes at the moment. It will be a curated collection of my thoughts and I sincerely hope you are able to enjoy this new chapter.

So it’s official! I’m back and I can’t wait to start writing again. I’ll see you soon, I promise.

Much Love,


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