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My Quarantine Essentials: activities, clothes, products, and more!

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

I am not quite sure what day it is or let alone how many weeks we have all been under stay at home orders in Los Angeles. I feel like I have almost gotten used to wearing masks in public, making sure I have spare gloves in my car, not being able to hug my family and friends, not going out to restaurants.... the list goes on. I think we can all agree that quarantine is not something any of us expected and that it is not an ideal situation, but in the grand scheme of things we are going to get through it and "this too shall pass". It can be discouraging with no real timeline of when things will get back to "normal" so, in the meantime, I have tried to make staying at home as enjoyable as possible. This means I have done my fair share of shopping, discovering new products, and finding new activities I love to pass the time, so naturally, I wanted to share them all with you!

Keep reading to find out what I have been doing and loving to help stay sane during this strange time.

  1. Find the most comfortable clothes ever.

If you know me, you know I love soft clothes (who doesn't?). I am always on the hunt for soft basics and comfortable loungewear, and there has been no better time to find some new favorites during this quarantine.

I am going to keep this list short and simple: if you are looking for loungewear Beyond Yoga is your place and for soft basics, look no further than Everlane.

Beyond Yoga

I am not sure why it took me so long to find this brand. I have to give all credit to my best friend for showing me this brand and now there is no going back. Beyond Yoga is well known for its soft, buttery fabric, and let me tell you, it is pretty damn soft. As I have started to be more active during this quarantine, I was searching for supportive athletic tops that had built-in sports bras- because who doesn't love a two in one? I have picked up two of their built-in bra tops and I am in love with them. I wear them whether I am working out, taking a walk, or just chilling at home. For sizing reference, I got both in a small in darkest night ( I probably could have gotten away with an XS, I am a 32B for reference) and it fits well. I also know that athleticwear can be on the pricer side, but Beyond Yoga gives new customers 15% off their purchase! Also, check Bloomingdales for discounted prices!

L: Spacedye Slim Racerback

R: Spacedye Studio Cropped Tank


This is another brand I am so happy I got my hands on during this quarantine. I was told Everlane had such comfy basics before, and as I realized a lot of my clothes were still in Boston, I decided to check them out. I have been living in their Prima Cotton collection. The fabric is so lightweight yet stretchy and I find myself reaching the items I bought on the daily.

Since summer is right around the corner and I personally love a comfortable tank, check out their Prima Micro Rib Tank. Many of their sizes are sold out right now, but I do know that they are working to restock so check back and add yourself to the waitlist if you can't grab one just yet.

Prima Micro Rib Tank


I know tie-dye has been all the rage for the past few months and I don't think it is leaving anytime soon. It is not only a fun activity if you can get your hands on a tie-dye kit, but so there are so many cute sweatshirts, sweatpants, tanks, and more that you can get your hands on. I have been living in a tie-dye sweatshirt I picked up during an annual Bloomingdale's sale, as well as a tank one of my good friends made me.

R: Velvet by Graham & Spencer Kelsey Tie-Dye

2. Hair Care Essentials

Sun Bum Hair Care

I feel like there are two types of people, those who are determined to make the most of their self-care routine during this quarantine or those who haven't brushed their hair in weeks. Personally, I think I am a mix of both, but there are two products that have fully changed my hair in just a few weeks. I spend a lot of the time in the sun, whether I am outside or surfing in the water, so I was looking for a product that would relieve some of the damage I get from the sun and salt. I also have wavy, frizzy hair, so something that could help that out was a plus. Let me tell you- after trying Sun Bum's Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner I can say that my hair is so much softer, smoother, and calmer than ever before. Also, it smells like a tropical paradise, so there really isn't much to hate.

Sun Bum Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner

3. Activities That Keep Me Sane

I think the hardest part about staying at home is finding things to do that you genuinely enjoy. It might seem nice to binge Outer Banks for the day, but then after that what do you do? Like most people, I get pretty antsy just sitting around my house for hours on end, so during this time, I have been trying to find things to do that not only pass the time, but I enjoy.

Long Walks Around My Neighborhood

I have never been a walker. Especially since I grew up in LA, the thought of walking to the grocery store, around the neighborhood, or to a friend's house was foreign. But now, I try to go on long walks a few times a week. I love that it is a way to move your body and explore your surrounding area. For me, the time I set aside to go on a walk is when I can disconnect from the craziness going on around me and be distracted by nature for an hour or so. I never thought I would cherish going on walks, but it is something I have truly begun to love during quarantine.


I know I may sound like a five-year-old year, but coloring is such a relaxing and dare I say fun activity. Plus you would be surprised as to how long it can take to finish a coloring page. I like to listen to music or have a show playing in the background while I work on my masterpiece. Something about designing a color palette and seeing the drawing all come together is not only soothing but rewarding! I am going to link some coloring pages you should check out! Also, there are a ton of free printable coloring pages if you don't want to buy a book.

I am not sure of the exact book the pages on the left came from, but mandala coloring books are super relaxing and fun to color!

Mandala Coloring Book


I know this may sound a bit strange, but just hang in there! During the beginning of quarantine, my dad and I decided to revamp our garden. We cleared out our entire garden and planted different types of tomatoes, chilies, cucumbers, and snap peas. Seeing them grow and come to life makes me feel like a proud mother. It is such a fun and simple activity that I have become really passionate about! I really recommend getting some type of plant or growing something in your backyard because it is such a great activity and gives you a real appreciation for how our food is grown!

That about wraps up my favorites from these past few months in quarantine. I would have never thought that I would be writing an article about things to do while there is a stay at home order in place, but I hope some of these activities and products can make your day a little brighter. I hope you all stay healthy and remember that things are going to get better, and the more we listen to health officials and follow safety regulations, the sooner we can get back out there!

Lots of love,


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