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don't be afraid of a gap semester

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

It has been a little while since I have updated you guys on my life, and I just wanted to take this time to talk about how I am going to college in January, and taking this time for a gap semester.

Taking a gap semester was never in my outlined schedule. I thought I would be going to college in August/September like most college students. However, when I was offered a specialized program at Boston University that would allow me to travel abroad to London for my second semester if I took a gap semester in the fall, I knew that I could not pass up that opportunity. (I would like to note that I got into other colleges that would allow me to enter directly after high school.) While taking a gap semester or gap year is still quite unorthodox in the United States, it has allowed me to have an internship at a talent agency where I am learning whether or not I will one day want to work in the entertainment industry. I'm not going to lie- it is difficult seeing all your friends go off to college while you are still at home, but taking a gap semester ensures that you will actually be ready to leave and start college. You also get to learn from the mistakes that your friends made and get their tips and tricks which is an added benefit.

I have always been an independent girl, so having a job three days a week where I work 8-10 hour days has given me necessary job experience that many people my age do not have. I feel like there is sometimes a stigma towards taking a gap semester or gap year. For instance, some people think "Oh she just wasn't smart enough to get in for the first year" or "I would never take a gap semester because you miss out on so much stuff". While it may be true that you miss out on football season or getting to know everyone at the beginning of the year, studies have shown that students who take a gap semester or gap year are more likely to" finish college in four years than those who enroll directly after high school". They also have "higher GPAs and tend to be more focused" according to The Wall Street Journal.

So, if anyone who is a senior in high school right now is considering taking a gap semester or gap year, don't let the negative stigma bother you as you will most likely come into college more prepared than your peers who entered directly after high school. There are disadvantages like the ones that I have laid out, but there are plenty of opportunities like getting to travel abroad, having work experience, or taking time to discover your passions that out way the negatives.

If anyone has any questions regarding gap semesters or why I decided to take one, please feel free to comment, email, or DM me! I will continue to update you all on my gap semester and any hiccups that come along the way. I also will be posting more with fall on its way, so get excited for new posts coming soon. I apologize for the lack of posts in the last month but starting a new job and getting used to having a gap semester has made me pretty busy. I promise there will be new content soon!



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