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thank u, next- hits and misses for 2019

It's that time of the year again! In the first weeks of January, fashion blogs and magazines like Vogue, Glamour, Allure, and more create a list of the top trends for the upcoming year. And since they do it, that means lifeofella has to do it as well because I am an ~expert~ on deciding what's going to be a trend worthy of our time, and ones that need to die ASAP.

TRENDS: You might not agree with these trends, but I promise you that you will fall into fashion peer pressure and soon be buying these items. Trust me.

Neon Yes, it is back. Hot pinks, lime green, yellows, oranges, the whole gang is back. Walk into any store and you will see designer and more affordable brands incorporating bright colors in their collections. I understand how neon can be scary- but I have a solution. Start with something more subtle, pair a neon beaning with your outfit for a pop of color, accessorizes with a neon phone case or purse. Also, pair your neon with neutral colors to tone back the look. Work your way up to it, or go full force with a hot pink sweater paired with jeans and boots, a lime green corset top with dark leather pants, just try it. If you want to fit in with the fashion world you got to be on board with neon. Just be careful to not look like you are the 2007 Justice collection.


L: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/iamgia-naomi-ruffle-bustier-top?

R: https://www.prettylittlething.us/neon-orange-rib-roll-neck-long-sleeve-top.html

M: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/uo-kai-cropped-cardigan?category=womens-tops&color=072

Docs/ Worker Boots Dr. Martens never go away. You simply can't get rid of them. Probably because they are actually functional but besides that, they are very versatile. You can wear them in the snow, pair with a dress for a cool girl vibe, or just wear them as your everyday boots. I used to be a hater of docs, but what can I say, the peer pressure of the fashion world really got to me. They also last a really long time because they are made out of leather, so it is a good boot to invest in.

Notice how Gigi has a neon purse.... I'm just saying.



Puffy Shoulders So, notice how a lot of trends from the 80s are making a comeback.... here's another one! Puffy shoulders. Now, I am not telling you to go out there and buy shoulder pads (which are coming back) but, a trend for this spring/ upcoming year is tops having a puffy shoulder with frilly detailing. It is feminine and I think will be a big trend for the spring and summer months.


L: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/uo-cassia-puff-sleeve-top?category=womens-tops&color=015

R: https://www.thereformation.com/products/ayla-top?color=Ivory

Strappy Delicate Heels No more thick straps on heels, this season it is all about multiple thin straps on square toe sandals. I love this trend because I think it is classy and very feminine. It adds a little more class to an outfit and will be perfect for spring and summer.


L: https://www.revolve.com/jaggar-essential-lizard-heel/dp/JAGR-WZ94/

R: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/uo-piper-thin-strappy-heel?

Belt it Belts are another functional trend that really will never go out of style. Fun belts in different patterns or prints can make an outfit look complete and put together. Belt bags are another trend that is continuing in 2019. I do think we will be seeing a lot of belt bags at Coachella because they combine two necessities into one- a purse and belt. Some people can rock this trend, but I am not too sure how long it will last.



R: https://www.lulus.com/products/high-praise-wine-red-crocodile-print-belt/676722.html


Belt Bag:

L: https://us.asos.com/asos-design/asos-design-purse-belt-with-double-circle-detail/prd/10319844

R: https://us.asos.com/river-island/river-island-belt-bag-in-black/prd/10839536

Sweetheart Necklines Last year, we saw the continued rise of the straight neck for bodysuits, dresses, and tops, but this year it is all about the sweetheart neckline. I think it is flattering on everyone and adds more of a girly look to your style. The first black corset bodysuit has a subtle sweetheart neckline, the second combines a print and a more pronounced neckline, and the third is the girliest and feminine out of the three I picked. All super cute, but all three give a different look to your outfit. From soft and gentle to dark and sexy, sweetheart necklines are very versatile and the look for this season.


L: https://www.revolve.com/bardot-oskar-bodysuit/dp/BARD-WS130/

R: https://www.thereformation.com/products/blanca-top

M: https://www.princesspolly.com/the-kaiya-top

thank u, next- trends that are OUT for 2019

DAD SHOES They were fun for a few months, it's over now. They are so overdone and honestly make cute outfits look bulky and out of place. Just stick to a basic sneaker, I really can't take looking at perfectly acceptable outfits with these heinous shoes ruining the look. The real problem is that no one can pull them off except middle-aged dads, so I declare that it is done. Canceled.

STOP OVERPLAYING ANIMAL PRINT Ok, don't get me wrong I love a good cheetah top, fun animal print pants are cool too, but the overplaying of the animal print has got to stop. It looks like you are coming straight out of a zoo, also side note, zebra print was never cute so stop wearing it. And don't get me started on colored animal print. It looks like a cheetah threw up on you. ​​

To avoid exhausting this animal print trend, stick to one item per outfit. It can be an animal print dress, a belt, shoes, or a tank top but just don't combine multiple of these patterns together. Here is are some examples of animal print that is still perfectly acceptable:

CAMO Why does camo always have to come back into style? I think it had a nice long run from 2017-2018 but now needs a break for maybe another ten years. The "omg you're not wearing pants" comment on everyone's Instagram is also getting a little tiring. Also, if models and celebrities can't even pull it off, I think it is a sign that no one really can.

DEEP V'S. On one hand, I think tops and dresses with a deep v or plunge neck are beautiful and sexy, but I am completely over them and this is why: no matter what chest size you have unless the dress or top is perfectly fitted to your body, they are so impractical. They fall down, expose you, and never ever stay in place. The idea is great, the execution is terrible. For all these reasons, I think we need to start putting the deep v's away and continue with the trends of sweetheart and straight necklines.

MIRRORED/COLORED SUNGLASSES This trend was fun for Coachella and the summer a few years ago, but I really think it has had its time. And I know you know which glasses I am talking about literally everyone had them. Personally, I think regular lenses are so much classier and cost efficient than paying for fun colored sunglasses that go out of style really quickly. I am also really into the square thick sunglasses right now, so if you need some new glasses maybe swap out your colorful mirrored ones for something more timeless.




L: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/waverly-round-sunglasses

R: https://us.asos.com/love-moschino/love-moschino-square-sunglasses-in-black/prd/10518409

There you have my hits and misses for 2019. Let me know what you think of these trends and if you think they will last longer than a season! I hope you enjoyed my first post of 2019, and I will be posting more soon!



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