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Last year around this time I posted a winter skin care routine, but since I have updated the products that I use daily, I thought I should share what I have been using lately. I have learned a lot about which products are good for your skin and which are more harmful than you think. I also wanted to include some tips and tricks I have learned throughout the years to help any of you struggling to understand why your skin might be reacting in a certain way.

Most Important Advice: Understand your skin type.

This is crucial when searching for products that are going to help and not harm your face. For instance, since I have overall dry skin using harsh exfoliators is not going to work well for me. The basic skin types are dry, combination, and oily. However, you don't have to be just one: for example, you can be dry in some places and oily in your forehead or oily in most places and dry around your nose. Understanding how your skin changes during each season is very important in determining how you should treat your skin.

Skin Analysis

Here is a link to a skin analysis by Mario Badescu that offers you a sample regimen for $2.95 to see if you like any of their products.

It also helps you understand what skin type you have, so I would definitely try this out!



Growing up all my life I had dry skin- I am prone to eczema (which has been a whole another battle) and other dry skin conditions. I have always tried to take care of my skin because you face is the most important feature on your body. It is also the first sign of aging and sun damage so you want to take care of it! It has taken a long time to figure out what products are not going to dehydrate my skin and how to combat the dry patches and itchy red spots I get during the winter. One of the biggest things I have learned is to try and use ALL NATURAL products whenever you can because it is so much better than using products filled with chemicals and dyes. I know that this is not always possible, but trying to incorporate a few all-natural products into your skin routine will make a huge difference in the overall health of your skin.

FIRST COMES FIRST: Wear sunscreen. I can not stress this enough, it is so crucial to protect your skin from the harsh UV rays that can cause sun damage and dark spots to your skin. It might not seem like a big deal now because most of us have youthful skin, but it will later in life when you start to age and wrinkle faster than those who used sunscreen when they were younger. Also, just because it is not sunny out does not mean you don't need to wear sunscreen. Incorporate it into your routine now so you can prevent damage later in life.

Above is the effect of not wearing sunscreen on your skin as a young adult and the damage it can cause later. I am linking some good sunscreen products that won't clog your pores and are safe to use on a variety of skin types.


L: https://www.glossier.com/products/invisible-shield


Now onto my everyday routine.

Makeup Remover: Kopari Coconut Melt

Kopari is an amazing brand that utilizes the power of coconut oil as a moisturizer, hydrant, and balancing product. I have been in love with this brand for over a year now, and their products really do work.

I swipe this coconut melt over my waterproof mascara and it comes off instantly. Taking just a dime sized amount will clear your face of makeup and give it the extra moisture it needs. Even after washing off the excess residue the coconut melt still does its job of hydrating your skin which is necessary if you have dry skin like I do.


Cleanser: Fresh Beauty Soy Cleanser

While this is not completely all natural, key ingredients in this product are "amino acid-rich soy proteins help maintain elasticity and healthy skin", rosewater for its "calming and balancing properties", cucumber extract to "soothe the skin" and borge seed oil for its nourishing qualities.

This product is super gentle and works wonders on your skin. It leaves it feeling soft and supple while cleaning out the dirt and excess makeup still left on your skin.

This cleanser is gentle enough to use on any skin type and truly soothes your skin without losing its natural moisture which is important no matter what your skin type is.


Holy Grail Product: Witch Hazel

This product is 100% natural and is my lifesaver for toning, balancing the PH of your skin, reducing blemishes and pores, and depuffing your eyes. It helps with anti-inflammation and getting rid of bacteria stuck in your pores that can lead to blemishes. It is also used in a lot of ance medicines and creams because it is one of the best natural products to use to battle ance and even reduce the appearance of acne scars. You would think that a product that is good for acne and oily skin wouldn't be beneficial to those with dryer skin-but this is why this stuff is a miracle. It is good for all skin types and I definitely recommend using this product at least once a day. I use this after I wash my face and I dab it all over with a cotton pad. I tend to use it at night but I also use it in the morning to depuff and refresh my skin.

If you want to understand more about witch hazel read this article, https://www.naturallivingideas.com/witch-hazel-on-face/


Moisturizer: Tacha Silk Cream or Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer

Tacha silk cream is an amazing moisturizer but the $120 price tag is not in everyone's budget. I will admit I will spend more money on skin care products because I think having good skin is one of the things that makes me feel more confident. If you are willing to spend the pricey amount for the moisturizer I don't think you will be disappointed. It is lightweight yet deeply moisturizes your skin. I also like that is formulated without mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, sulfate detergents, parabens, urea, DEA, TEA or phthalates which are products that can be found in typical drugstore moisturizers. ​


Another great product that is also formulated without parabens, phthalates, and fragrance is Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizer. It is the moisturizer I use day to day and the $28 price tag is deal for how great this product is. It also adds a great glow which is an added bonus. Only Complaint: I don't like using this moisturizer before makeup because it is a little too heavy for that, I much prefer the Tacha moisturizer to prime my face. ​


Oil: Kopari Sheer Coconut Oil

This is my go-to product for added hydration. I still get dry patches even with using a moisturizer, so I use this oil to treat the specific areas of dryness. It smells great, leaves your skin hydrated and makes it super soft. Plus its an all natural product!! Also, if you have oily skin you can still use oils on your skin! It can actually help balance out your excess oil and calm your skin down. I think they have a new name for this oil on their website the "Save Face Oil" which I am sure is great, but I was able to find the orginal on Revolve.


Blemishes: Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

This drying lotion is great for treating blemishes if you are prone to acne. I do not get much acne, if I do its pretty small whiteheads around my forehead, nose, or check so this product is great for spot treatment. It drys out the blemish and cuts down healing time. It will dry out your skin, so make sure you use a moisturizer before you use this product. Also, try not to use this every day if you have dry skin because it is a very strong drying product. If you suffer from acne that is more all over the place, I would look into a prescription treatment like Aczone or Epiduo because they really do work. ​


Soft Lips: Lush Lip Scrub

Because who doesn't want soft, kissable lips? I use this product a few times a month to exfoliate my lips and leave them smooth and less chapped. You could easily make this scrub with sugar, olive oil, and lemon, but if you want to treat yourself, try out the Lush sugar scrubs! I apply my favorite simply organic vanilla honey lip balm after this and my lips feel so soft and hydrated.


L: https://www.lushusa.com/face/lips/cranberry-fizz/08424.html

R: https://www.simpletruth.com/products/honey-vanilla-moisturizing-lip-balm/


Face Mask: Tata Harper Resurfacing Face Mask

I have talked about this face mask before on here, and my opinion about it has not changed. If you want to see fast results from using a face mask, try out this one. It takes dull tired skin and makes it hydrated, soft, and glowy. Leave on for 30 minutes and then wash off to see refreshed and rejuvenated skin. I use this product once or twice a month, but you can use it weekly for beautiful glowing skin.


Mario Badescu Rosewater Spray

I feel like this is a product everyone knows about because it is a nice facial spray to freshen your face or set your makeup with. I don't notice a difference in my skin from this product, but I like how it wakes me up and makes me feel refreshed after using it. It also gives a nice glow when used after putting on your makeup.


Facial Razor to remove dead skin

A year ago, my cousin showed me this small facial razor that she swore would help get rid of pesky dry flaky skin that I commonly get around the winter. I was skeptical, but this actually works. It's essentially a smaller razor that you can you use anywhere on your face to remove peach fuzz or dead skin. I target it in areas where I am flaking and it helps get rid of the dry skin and leaves the area very soft. This is also perfect for trimming your eyebrows because it allows you to create a nice angle for your brows. I can't find the specific one I use, but this one is pretty similar!



The products above are what I tend to use every night on my skin. I have noticed that sticking to the same routine allows you to really understand what your skin likes and the best ways to treat it. My biggest advice is to not be too hard on your skin because there are so many uncontrollable factors that contribute to the state of your skin. Instead, try to understand what products can help balance out what you can't control. Try incorporating natural products into your routine and see how your skin changes...from my experience your skin really likes it. You wouldn't want to be putting harsh chemicals in your body, so your skin shouldn't be any different!

The products I have listed are the staples in my skin care routine and leave me feeling confident, which is really the most important. I hope this gave you some inspiration for new products or a new outlook on what products you want to use on your skin.



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