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As many of my friends and I approach the beginning to our freshmen year, I have been getting a lot of questions from girls asking for inspiration to make their new room cozy, comfortable, and clean. Here are five tips and tricks that I have created to help make your dorm shopping experience as organized and stress-free as possible!

1. Pick a color palate.

This just helps make everything a little less overwhelming when you are trying to pick out duvet covers, sheets, pillows, baskets, desk accessories, and other things for your room.

For my dorm, I am going with the colors blush, grey, and white with gold accessories.

Other pretty combos are: (I like to include white or cream because I think it helps balance out the other colors)

pink, navy blue, and cream

grey, peach, and white

mauve, hunter green, and white

turquoise, navy, and white

light blue, grey, and cream

mint, blush, and grey

Here are some of these colors for inspiration.

2. Where to go to buy stuff:

Bed Bath and Beyond is honestly the best place to go to to find the items you need for your dorm. They have printouts of over a 1,000 colleges in the US with dorm checklists which is very helpful and eases a lot of college stress. They also allow you to scan items in their store and pick them up in the city that your school is in which is an amazing feature.

Other stores that have cute things for your dorms are Urban Outfitters, IKEA, The Container Store, H&M Home, PB Teen, Dormify, Marshalls, and Nordstrom Rack. I have them all linked here for you, so go check them out!










3. Know what you can not bring to your dorm

Most places do not allow candles, space heaters, microwaves, coffee makers, air conditioner units, and juicers/blenders. Most college websites will have what you can and can not bring lists on them and I would go over them before heading to the store so you don't buy things you end up not being able to have in your room. Also, these lists often tell you helpful things like to only bring 2-3 sheets because you don't really need more than that.

4. How to make your bed really cozy

If you are like me, your bed is your favorite part of your room. Moving into a dorm means small twin XL beds which many are not used to having back at home. Even though these beds are smaller, you can still make them your favorite spot to hang out in your room.

1. Get a duvet cover that you really like. Your duvet cover is what most people are going to see when they walk into your room so you want to make sure that it is your style and that you are going to love it. People are also going to be sitting on your bed so try and make sure it is not a color that can stain easily.

Here are some really cute duvet covers:




2. Get a plush blanket.

I don't really have to say more but just get one. They are so comfy and you will not regret having a warm blanket to snuggle up to on those cold nights during college.

(This is not my room but the picture on the bed bath and beyond website happened to have a room for a girl named ella...what are the odds)


3. Fill it with cozy pillows

I would recommend getting three to five (max) pillows for your bed. I love the pillows with faux fur on them, but tassel pillows and standard solid colored pillows are also super cute.


Right: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/jaya-floral-embroidered-velvet-throw-pillow?category=pillows-throw-blankets&color=086&quantity=1&size=18X18&type=REGULAR

5. Helpful Extras


If you are going to a school in a cold dry climate, get a humidifier for your room. It will make your room less dry and stuffy and allow you to breath better than without one.

Robe/Slippers for your showers

Invest in a nice robe for your time at college. Having something cozy to wrap up in after the shower will make your dorm feel more like home and less like a communal living space. Slippers are also really nice to have just so you don't have to walk to the bathroom across the hall in the dark at night barefoot. Another reminder: DON'T FORGET SHOWER SHOES!! Just make sure to have a pair of slides or flip-flops handy for your showers in the shared bathrooms.

Comfy Robes:



Vanity Mirror

I love having a mirror at my desk because if I decide to do my makeup there, I don't have to walk over to my bathroom to do it. Again, not a necessity but just something nice to have when every girl in your hall is trying to get ready for the same frat party in the same small bathroom.

Shoe Shelf

These are so nice to have because they are an effective way to store your shoes. Attach to your closet and you have an easy way to see and hang all your shoes.


There you have my tips and tricks to create the perfect dorm room. I will continue to update and let you all know about how my dorm room is coming and any other tips to help your transition from your bedroom to your new living space.

I hope you enjoy!


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