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If you are a pale girl like me, you probably watch all your tanner friends get a beautiful sunkissed look during the summer and envy their tan summer glow. The sun gives some a tan and others a deep red sunburn, which is painful and can cause skin damage later in life. It's also really important to remember that being in the sun for too many hours every day can be very harmful to your skin. Being tanner makes some people feel more confident in themselves, but basking away in the sun isn't a viable option for many. This is why I have compiled the best products to use if you want to achieve a natural-looking tan without the damaging effects of the sun!

Fake tan is a scary concept. You are basically applying a brown moose to your body and hoping for the best that it is not streaky and does not turn orange. Some people who are terrified of fake tan turn to spray tans, which are expensive and more often than not leave you looking unnaturally tan and orange. However, you do not have to be afraid of fake tan anymore as I have the best (affordable) products that will give you a beautiful sunkissed summer glow.

1. Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer

Jergens. Jergens is the BEST affordable option if you want to achieve a nice looking fake tan. I love using the natural glow moisturizer because it is just a lotion that you apply daily that begins to subtlely turn your skin into a darker tanner shade. It is super easy to apply and does NOT leave you streaky because it is a gradual tanning lotion. The only complaint about this product is that the smell is definitely there. It is neither good or bad, but there is a certain ​smell to the product that might bother some. Apply every day to clean skin and you will for sure begin to start seeing your skin change to a few shades darker. Make sure to wash your hands well after each application so your hands don't become a darker shade than the rest of your body. It also comes into two shades, fair to medium skin tones, and medium to dark.


2. Another Jergens Product... The Instant Sun Tanning Moose

This is a quicker option than the gradual tan and will give you a deeper tan that will last longer than the lotion. I love this product. I use it before special events because it gives a natural glow. If you use this product, people will definitely begin to notice your tan and you will get compliments like "Wow, you are glowing" or "You look so nice and tan" and they will never know that you did not even have to go in the sun to get it! I do have some tips that are really helpful if you don't want this to look streaky.

1. Shower before you apply this product and shave, exfoliate your skin. I like to use a scrub that I make at home of brown sugar, olive oil, vanilla, and lemon to get off the dead skin and leave my skin super soft. Exfoliating will help the fake tan set into your skin without creating streaks or dark patches.

2. Have someone around who can help with your back! This is really important because it's not very easy to get your back evenly tanned on your own. Ask your mom, friend or boyfriend to assist during this part of the tanning routine.

3. Use a glove. Trust me on this one, if you use this product without a glove, your hands will be stained a dark tanned color. I love the Skinerals mit. It is very soft and helps make sure the tan is evenly applied.


4. Only use about two pumps for each part of the body you are tanning. For example for each leg use two pumps, each arm two, etc. If you want a darker tan, feel free to use more, I just think it is better to start off lighter than darker.

5. I don't recommend using this on your face. I would just stick to using this product on your body because your face is more sensitive than your body and fake tanning your face can create breakouts if the product is not made for the face.

3. Bali Body Bronzing Lotion

Bali Body is an Australian company that specializes in sun tanning oil, moisturizers, and BB creams. While I wouldn't recommend a tanning oil because it can cause burns and sun damage, I love their bronzing lotion. They have two types: a shimmy version and the classic bronze. This is a good product to look tanner instantly, one thing is that it will only last until your next shower. It washes off, so if you apply too much, no worries, just jump in the shower to get it off. It is also a moisturizer so it will make your skin soft because of the oils and vitamins in the product.


4. Jergens Gradual Face Tanning Lotion

This is the same product as the natural glow moisturizer that I talked about before except it is specially designed for your face. It is SPF 20, so you can wear it every day and it will gradually turn your skin more glowy than ever before!


5. Kopari Coconut Body Glow

I have talked about Kopari a few times on my blog, but this is one of my favorite products from them. It is not completely necessary but this gold shimmery coconut oil gives you the perfect summer glow. Apply to collar bones, cheekbones, arms, or legs for a shimmery explosion that leaves you looking like a goddess and smelling like Hawaii! It is perfect for nights out or if you want an extra little something in your daily routine.


There you have my favorite sunless tanning options to give you that summer glow you have always wanted. Use one of them or all of them and you will definitely notice a change in your skin tone!

Hope you enjoy!


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