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When it comes to those hot, muggy, and uncomfortably sticky days of summer, no one wants to wear a ton of makeup on their face. It gets greasy, messy, and just feels gross.

In recent months, the no-makeup makeup look has been treading with girls wearing less makeup, whether that be not filling in their brows all the way, only wearing tinted lip balm instead of lipstick, or only wearing mascara instead of a full eye makeup look.

I recently visited the Glossier store that just opened on Melrose Place in Los Angeles. This company champions the whole no-makeup makeup look, and let me tell you everything from their marketing to their actual products is spot on.

Many of the products featured in this post will be from Glossier simply because I believe it is one of the best makeup brands out there for the girls who don't want to wear a lot of makeup or are sick of wearing heavy cakey makeup on their faces.

Here are my top picks for a fresh, simple, and minimal summer makeup look.

1. Skin Tints/ Tinted Moisturizer

Glossier's skin tint is a very light tint for your skin. This will not cover blemishes, freckles, or any other pores that as Glossier states "is evidence that you are, in fact, a real human being". I understand that this will not float everyone's boat because there are days when that blemish just needs to be covered for you to feel comfortable with yourself. (this will be covered in the concealer section). It is a great lightweight option if you have fairly clear skin or don't want to be wearing a lot of face makeup.


I also love the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer because has SPF in it which is perfect for the summer. It has a light coverage, but it can heavier if you apply a generous amount. Since it is a tinted moisturizer it will keep your skin hydrated if you have dry skin like myself!


2. Brow Gel

Brow gel is quite an invention. My friend recently discovered brow gel and was in awe by the fact that it keeps your brows in place as well as adding the perfect amount of color to make them look fuller. I 100% recommend the Glossier brow gel, it comes in three different shades as well as a clear option and looks great on everyone. It is so easy to use and fills your brows in just enough but doesn't look like you tried too hard. If you decided to get one product from Glossier, make it be their #1 selling boy brow. ( it is also a major bang for your buck as it is only $16.00)



3. Concealer

If anything, concealer should do one thing, cover what you don't want to be seen. When you have a blemish on your face you do not want everyone to be looking at it, which is why I am including a medium to heavy coverage concealer in the no-makeup makeup look. This Nars concealer does exactly what is supposed to do and gives off a radiant look which is perfect for the summer time. In addition, it is also a brightening concealer which is essential for the nights you got little to no sleep but want to look alive the next morning! It is on the pricey side, but I promise it lasts for a long time and is overall a really great product.


It also comes in a mini size https://www.sephora.com/product/radiant-creamy-concealer-mini-P422077


4. Highlight

The BECCA highlighter has been talked about a lot in the beauty world. I think their highlighters are amazing, they last all night, make your skin look glowy and fresh, and is the perfect makeup product for summer. Apply to cheekbones, brow bone, and top of the nose for a dewy summer glow. I would recommend the Glow on the go highlighter set BECCA sells that comes with both a powder highlight and their liquid highlight. They are both great products on their own, but together they really complement one another. This set comes in Opal, but if that color does not work for your skin tone, they have a large selection of colors in their full-size bottles.



5. Blush/Lip Combo

Milk Makeup makes a lip and cheek tint that is super easy to apply, creamy, and blendable. Use on cheeks for a rosy finish and on lips for a pretty lip stain. The great thing about this product is that you can wear it in a softer sheer layer or apply a heavier coat to get your desired look.



6. Gloss

Last to finish your look off is a nice clear gloss. Glossier makes one that so many people are obsessed with because it is not sticky but adds the perfect amount of shine to your lips. Dior also makes a very pretty gloss with the smallest amount of pink that looks good one everyone. This gloss will complete your look and leave you looking beautiful and ready for summer!

Glossier (left) https://www.glossier.com/products/lip-gloss

Dior (right) https://www.sephora.com/product/dior-addict-lip-maximizer-plumping-gloss-P186805?skuId=1358373&icid2=products%20grid:p186805


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