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Since it is the start of summer, there is no better time to start to look through your closet and get rid of old clothes that you never wear. This can be hard to do, but I have collected some of my tips and tricks to help you make space in your closet!

1. You have to realize that you probably have too many clothes.

I know this is not the case with everyone, but over the years most people collect items that are kept in their closet but they never wear. That bright pink fuschia sweater may have been cute in 2010, but trust me, get rid of it.

2. There is an incentive to cleaning out your closet. Not only will you have more space and an easier time finding your clothes, but you can make room for possible future purchases.

3. COLOR COORDINATION. (I am a huge fan of this one)

This is really important when going through an organizing your closet. I personally divide my closet out by color which helps me realize how many black long sleeve shirts I have or the fact that I have way too many hoodies that I never wear. Plus, seeing all your clothes organized by color can give you unexplainable joy, trust me on this one, it's worth it.

4. You can make a big impact on someone's life by donating clothes to non-profits like Goodwill or The Salvation Army.

I know you might think you should hang on to that dress shirt for a potential job interview that you might have, but if you have three other ones in your closet, think how that item could help someone in need of a nice top to wear to an interview. Little things like this can add up and really change a person's life, but it doesn't do any good when that shirt sits and collects dust in the back of your closet.

5. Even if you clean out your closet and it still looks too cluttered, opt for bins or organizational shelves.

This can really help make your closet look clean and there are many stores like Target and the Container Store that sell bins that you can store clothes/accessories and even shoes in!

In addition, for drawers, roll your clothes that way you can fit more in such a small space. For example, group similar clothes together, bras go with bras, tanks tops don't mix with jeans, and never put some of your favorite items at the bottom of your drawer!

Some helpful steps for organizing your drawers:

Take out everything in the desired drawer and begin to make piles of similar items. ( I used my bra and underwear drawer for this example). Sports bra's go with sports bra's, regular bra's go together, and different types of underwear go with one another. Make a pile of items that you no longer way and donate them to a local charity! Next, roll the clothes together, the smaller the better, and begin to put in your drawer. Continue until all of your clothes are included in your clothing drawer.

Start with a complete mess.

Organize your items into piles as shown below.

Begin to roll your clothes and place in drawer.

Continue adding clothes until you are finished!

There you have it. Some tips and tricks to motivate you to clean out your closet! Remember, you already have to much stuff, so make room for summer clothes by clearing out old items! I promise you will not regret this.


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