• Ella Malvino

Dear Mr. President,

In light of the horrific mass school shooting in South Florida this Friday, I thought I might as well share my thoughts.

Dear Mr. President,

You, nor I know what it is like to feel the terror shooting through our veins because of the sounds of gunshots coming closer to our classroom door.

We didn't have to send a text to our loved ones saying that we are ok and love them.

We didn't have to comfort our friends with tears in their eyes.

We can send our prayers and thoughts to the students, teachers, mothers and fathers, and family members affected by this shooting, but that is simply not enough.

When thousands were dying because of the flu, there was one solution, create a vaccination so that no more innocent people have to die of an infectious disease.

There were medicines created to help those suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, and viruses such as A.I.D.S, but why hasn't there been help given to those with severe mental health issues?

Why aren't we helping these people so they do not resort to violence? Why are we not treating mental health as an actual illness, instead of just saying "Oh we will tackle the severity of mental illness in the U.S this term".

The lives that have been lost, the memories of school being a welcoming safe environment are gone, and the emotional distress caused to these innocent kids is something NO ONE deserves to witness.

Thoughts and prayers only go so far. Let's make a real change in this country so children can feel safe going to a place to learn. We as citizens can only do so much, it's time for politicians and members of the government to take responsibility for the tragedy that they caused. Maybe if the NRA was not allowed to give money to politicians, we would have fewer school shootings. Maybe if we had background checks that looked further into medical records and required a psychiatric approval, we would have fewer school shootings.

All those kids were trying to do was go to school. As of 2016, there were 300 million guns in this country and since then it has continued to grow rapidly. How can we feel safe when there are now as many guns as people in this country?

Instead of taking a step to ending gun violence and creating a more humane society, the United States, one of the most advanced countries in the world, can not even get members of the government to agree that people are more important than guns. Plain and simple. This is not about being a democrat or a republican, this is about caring for those in your community. This is about something so much greater than money and politics, this is about having humanity and not letting another innocent child die due to gun violence.

We don't want prayers and sympathy. We want, no, we need change. We are demanding change. Now.


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