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I have made a Valentine's Day Lookbook just to give you all a little inspiration for this holiday. Whether you are having a Galentine's Day party, going on a date with a loved one, or just wanting to look good, these looks will definitely make you feel beautiful!

Casual Look: This is perfect for the girls who just want to look put together without putting too much thought into it!

White tube top- Urban Outfitters


Jeans- Uptowns/Stardust , Revice Denim


Shoes- Fendi, I stole from my mom's closet, but any red shoe will work, red converse, mules, or heels would be cute as well.

Girly Look: This is perfect for a date or if you have more of a girly sense of style. The pink skirt is not only great for Valentine's Day, but also is a staple color for spring-time. If you live in a color climate, adding tights will be a great option to add a bit of warmth. In addition, a leather jacket could look add a bit of an edgy look to this outfit.

Top: Forever 21 (they don't have the exact same one, but here is a link to something similar)


Belt: (I stole from my mom's closet)

Skirt: Forever 21


Boots: Ivanka Trump (I bought these three years ago, so I can't find them anymore)

90's Vintage Look - This is for the girl who has a more fun sense of style and isn't afraid to mix colors and patterns together. I love this outfit and think it makes you look very stylish and cool. This outfit would be perfect for Valentine's Day, but also for school, a day out, or a lunch with friends.

Shirt: Top Shop (btw, mon cheri means sweatheart in French, but sadly they don't carry this shirt anymore)

Pants: Brandy Melville


Shoes: Puma Clydes w/ Black Detailing


Confident Look- I love this outfit so much. The lace bodysuit makes it sexy yet feminine. Wearing this outfit will show off your curves and make anyone's heart skip a beat. Pair with a leather jacket for a warmer look.

Leather Jacket: Lulus (they no longer carry it as well)

Bodysuit: Forever 21


Jeans: Jamie TopShop



Mules: Hello Molly


There you have it, four simple looks that will make you feel confident and cute on Valentine's Day. And for all the single girls out there, remember that today is also a day full of self-love, so take a second to reflect on how far you have come and how special and deserving you really are.



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