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One of the things I wanted to do on this blog was create a health and wellness page where I could talk about fitness, eating right, and ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Currently, everyone is being infected with the plague (a.k.a the flu, common cold, etc) so I thought I would give some tips to keep your immune system in check.

Here are some ways to avoid getting sick.

1. Vitamin C

This is so important because Vitamin C is needed in your cells and can boost your immune system to avoid getting sick.

Drink orange juice, take vitamin c supplements, or eat foods rich in vitamin c such as kale, broccoli, mangos, oranges, and strawberries.

2. Become a germ freak (temporarily)

I'm serious, a person can avoid getting sick by washing their hands with warm water for two minutes each time they use the bathroom. In addition, using hand sanitizer whenever possible can kill bad germs that carry pathogens that could result in you becoming sick. Also, once you are in the dreaded flu season, don't share drinks or food to make sure you don't get sick because of another person or vice versa.

3. Sleeping!

This one is honestly so important. Not sleeping enough can not only mess up your daily schedule but make you susceptible to getting sick. Try to get eight to nine hours a night to make sure you are giving your body the rest it needs.

4. Get a flu shot.

This one is pretty self-explanatory, you have a lesser chance of getting the flu if you get the flu shot. I do know that sometimes you can get the flu after getting the shot, but in my experience, it has always worked out well.

How to make your sickness last as short as possible.

1. Drink a ton of hot water with lemon. Also, hot tea is calming and soothing to your throat.

2. Ginger shots (they are painful but are really good for your immune system and can help soothe your throat). You can get them at a lot of health stores or markets like Whole Foods or Erewhon. Plus Selena Gomez approves so it must work right?

3. Gargle salt with water (this cleans out the bacteria in your throat, you can also gargle with vinegar)

4. Sleep or take a day off of school or work to recharge.

5. Use a heating pad or cloth soaked in hot water and apply to body aches and pains.

6. Have cool towels nearby to use to cool down a fever.

7. Go to the doctor. Really just do it if you feel terrible and you're not getting better. More often than not they can prescribe medicine that will cure whatever you have.

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