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Let's first dive into the trends that most certainly have to leave in order for 2018 to be a good year of fashion.

1. Clout Glasses

Ok anything that has the name clout should be out. What even is a clout? These glasses are clunky and ugly honestly. Just trust me on this one, opt for a classic sunglasses like aviators, oval shape, any type of Rayban will be in style and last you way longer than these "trendy" clout glasses.

2. Tiny Sunglasses

These look like you went to a kid's store, picked out a pair of glasses that were suitable for a four year old, and decided ahh these would really look good on me. News flash, they don't look good, they are awkward and are meant to look good on children, not adults!!! If Bella Hadid has a hard time rocking them, why do you think you can?? In reality, you are going to look like Eric Alexander Wareheim (do you know who he is, exactly, its probably because those sunglasses costed him his career.)

3. Crushed velvet

PLEASE stop with this trend. I am yet to find anyone who has been able to make this fabric look good. It looks like cottage cheese that has been dyed. I don't mean to be so harsh, but I think everyone needs to stop buying into this absurd trend.

Also, anything crissed-crossed like the photo on the right has definitely over stayed it's welcome.

4. POM POM shoes

It looks like a young child stole your shoes, brought them to art class and decided to stick pom poms all over them. I think it's hard to pull these off, and why pay expensive prices for shoes that you can literally make yourself?

5. The clear shoe trend

Ok, I understand at first these shoes look different and maybe even pretty cool and original, but they are so impractical. In particular, the clear shoes that really bother me are the clear boots. First of all, if you aren't wearing the clear boots with socks, your feet are going to sweat and create a gross mess and your foot will be sliding around all over the place. Plus, imagine the blisters you are going to get! Not a cute look. Also, they just look cheap because they are plastic which is not a comfortable material for shoes!!!!

I really wonder how Kim went the entire day wearing those shoes... oh wait she most definitely changed five minutes after the picture was taken.

Now, my favorite, trends that are either upcoming or are here to stay!

1. White accessories

In particular, white boots are really making their way into the world of fashion. Celebrities have been wearing them for their street-style looks, and they are different than the classic black or brown boot that is so popular. Style with jeans, a denim skirt, or even a dress to add a hint of cool girl to your outfit. These white boots to the right are Marc Fisher LTD and are on sale at Nordstrom's for $94.47.


2. Simple, yet elegant floral dresses

I am loving the floral dress trend that is coming back into style. Floral dresses are a classic and perfect for spring and summer time. My personal favorite is from Realisationpar, which have been seen on Kaia Gerber, Cami Morrone, and other models and influencers.


3. Cat eye sunglasses

I remember this trend that emerged when I was in middle school and how sad I was when I lost my sought-after pair. These are more elegant than some standard sunglass shapes and look good on a variety of face shapes.


These cute glasses are from ASOS.

The link for these sunglasses is above!

4. No-makeup makeup look

This is something I know I am loving at the moment. Makeup can be so fun and it can transform you into a completely different person. However, instead of the full face of makeup look, I think using less to just highlight your natural features is the way to go for this new year.

Light brows, a natural lip color, mascara, and a little blush or highlight is all you need to accomplish this no-makeup makeup look.

5. Gold jewelry- layering, and hoops!

The layering trend is something I hope never goes away. I love layering a few gold necklaces together to create a delicate and soft look. In addition, hoops are something that has made a comeback in 2017 and I think they look good on anyone and can either make a subtle or large statement depending on the size of the hoops.

My favorite jewelry shop is Adornmonde and here is a link to some of their beautiful gold necklaces. is https://www.adornmonde.com/index.php/necklaces.html/

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