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Top 5 Essentials For Winter

Not only is winter my favorite season because of my November birthday, but because it finally means the weather is changing from hot 100 degree weather to crisp and cold days. When the leaves start to change colors and you can finally wear cozy sweaters to work or school, it brings a joyous feeling that the holidays are near.

I have gathered my top five winter essentials to keep warm yet fashionable during this winter season.

1. Chelsea Boots

Boots are a vital part of winter, not only do they keep your feet warm, but they can give an extra hint of style to any outfit. Chelsea boots in particular have always been a staple for me and I recently got a new pair from Steve Madden that I love. Style them with jeans, a sweater, and a leather jacket and you have a simple and fashionable winter outfit.

2. Blanket Scarfs

Scarfs are a must have to keep your neck warm during those chilly mornings and afternoons. My favorite are blanket scarfs that you can wrap around your entire body for a comfortable and warm look. I like to look for neutral colored scarfs that you can pair with any outfit, but I also think it is fun to go outside of your comfort zone with a plaid or red scarf.

3. Body Oil

Nothing is worse that when your hands and body start to crack due to the cold and dry winter weather. Although I have dry skin, I think it is very important for all skin types to moisturize to combat the dreaded crackling and rough skin due to colder temperatures.

My favorite body oil at the moment is Tata Harper's Hand and Body Oil, but an alternative and cheaper option is using coconut oil and applying it all over your body.

4. Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are a MUST for winter. They provide way more warmth than a jean jacket and can give a regular outfit more of a edgy look.

Pair it with skirts, dresses, or jeans and create a put together outfit in seconds.

5. Sherpa or Fleece Jackets

Sherpa, sherpa, sherpa. All over the fashion world sherpa has become a important material to line coats, sweaters, and jackets. I love it because it keeps you warm and feels like you are walking around in a blanket. I recently bought a sherpa jacket from Forever 21 and I have not stopped getting compliments on it. The even better thing, is that it was less than 30 dollars!

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