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2018 Resolutions

In the past, I have never spent much time thinking about resolutions or keeping them for longer than a few days. Resolutions can be hard to make, mostly because it often can mean giving up things that we love or doing something new. 2018 is a big year for me, I am graduating high school and moving on to college in the fall. Since I have so much going on starting in this new year, I am focusing on these resolutions to make the year great.

1. Realize that you are amazing and that you deserve amazing.

2.NEVER let someone else determine your worth.

Whether this is a significant other, friend, boss, or teacher, make sure that you know that you have one life to live and that although it may not always be perfect, you are doing or trying to do your best each day.

3.When obstacles arise, take a deep breath and focus on the issue at hand rather than the future problems or consequences it may cause.

As being someone who has struggled with anxiety this one is very important to me. Whenever I get an anxious or nervous feeling about something, I like to think, this too will pass rather than worrying about it more. In regards to anxiety, you have to remember that it does not control you and that you can get through it, sometimes it is just harder than other days.

4.This too shall pass

I read this article written by an influencer who would meditate on this message daily. I have come to love this phrase because it puts so much into perspective. Whenever you are at a low part in your life, it is important to know that good will soon come. This is easier said than done but it is necessary to realize that nothing will last forever. And when something amazing happens in your life, understand that the moment soon will pass so soak it up for as long as you can.

5.Work on gaining more empathy

Empathy is something that has been stressed in my life since I was a little girl. In school, I have been taught to be empathetic and feel for my fellow classmates or friends instead of feeling sorry for them. Putting yourself in someone else's shoes can change your perspective on something and make you realize how fortunate you really are.

6.Exercise, and take breaks to enjoy the world outside.

This can be a super hard one for me to do since I have school every day and am currently in the never-ending college application process. However, this one is super important. Instead of staying in your room or office every day, take five or ten minutes to go outside, talk with your friends, or enjoy the environment around you. Exercising is also very important because it can relieve stress and is really good for your body and soul.


Traveling is something I can not wait to do more of this year. Whether it is taking a quick road trip with your friends, or flying over to a new country, nothing is better than creating memories and learning more about yourself.

8. Get off your phone!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is nothing more important than getting off your phone that we are all so guilty of over-using. Instead of stalking someone on Instagram, take time for yourself to relax or have fun. We all can go on our phones less and this is definitely something I am going to try and be less dependent on this year.

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