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10 Halloween Ideas for 2019

Hi everyone! Happy October!

I know it has been a bit since I have last posted on the blog, but getting used to a new schedule, moving off-campus, and starting my sophomore year has been quite busy.

To make up for my lack of posts, I will be trying to post more in the next upcoming weeks!

Here is one post I have been looking forward to writing- 2019 Halloween Inspo.

Being in college, Halloween means you need at least three different Halloween costumes, and I know that can seem rather daunting, so I am here to help you out with that.

Some are easier than others, some can be done with friends, but all of them are perfect for all of your Halloween needs.

Alright, let's get into it...


There are so many options from the beloved TV show that are perfect ideas for Halloween. Be the Cheerleaders from Riverdale High or Betty and Veronica. If you have a boyfriend, you could pick one of the couples like Betty and Jughead, or if you know another couple you could all four of the classic gang.

For Cheerleaders: All you need is a yellow baseball tee and black athletic shorts. Pair with white and yellow tube socks!

Photo Credit: Instagram @mesciatwinsofficial

What You Need:

Vixens T-Shirt:


Athletic Shorts:


Yellow Striped Tube Socks


Jughead and Betty

This is another super easy one. For Betty all you have to do is dress girly. Any type of pink shirt works just be sure to pair it with either jeans or a skirt. I would probably choose to wear white or jean skirt, but there are so many options for this look. For Jughead, all that is needed is a flannel, a beanie, and some kind of jean jacket. So simple. This is a perfect couple costume!

Photo Credit: Source Unknown

Group: Cheetah Girls

Who didn't watch the Cheetah Girls when they were growing up?! The best part about this costume is that you can literally be in sweats...and it is totally acceptable. Perfect for a group of 4.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

What You Need:

Turquoise, orange, blue, and pink sweatsuits:


Cheetah Headband:



Another fun costume idea is from the new hit show, Euphoria. Pick one of your favorite characters and use them as your Halloween Inspo. They are so many characters to choose from so you could do this as a group costume or individual! Up to you. Here would be my top picks for a Euphoria inspired costume.


This one is super cute for a group of girls. All you need is a white tube top and white mini skirt and then go crazy with some white cloth or gauze. Done!

Optional: Colored contacts to make your costume EXTRA spooky.

Photo Credit: @lileeanwithit_rockwithit

Photo Credit: Pinterest

What You Need:

Matching Skirt and Tank Set:




White Contacts:


White Claw

You will definitely make people laugh in this costume and the best part is that it is so easy.

Photo Credit: Instagram @olivia.randolph

What You Need:

White Claw Shirt:

I think these girls stuck a White Claw logo onto their tube tops, so you can either do that, or you can get a White Claw shirt and DIY it to your liking!


Silver Shorts: (You could also get the color shorts of the flavor you are being, ex. Lime - Green)


Body Glitter:



Cupid is perfect if you want fun and flirty costume. Even though it may be too early for Valentine's Day, everyone needs a little help from Cupid now and then. It is also a perfect conversation starter, so go make hearts throb in a Cupid costume this year!

Photo Credit: Source Unknown

What You Need

Any white, pink, or red dress, or top and bottoms will work for this one! I have linked my fav ones for this look.

Pretty Little Thing, Forever 21, and Windsor are great places to look for Halloween.




Bow and Arrow/ Wings:


Sleepy Beauty

Take a modern twist on this classic Princess by wearing your PJ's to a Halloween Party. Top off your outfit with a crown and you have the perfect costume. I was this a few years ago and it was so much fun to do. If you need a quick last minute costume, Sleeping Beauty is your girl. Slippers are also a great touch btw.

Photo Credit: @ellamalvino

What You Need:

PJ Set:




Sandy From Grease

This is another simple yet iconic Halloween costume. Pull out some black jeans, a black over the shoulder top, and a leather jacket and you are set to be Sandy! Top the look off with red lipstick and heels and you are good to go!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

What You Need:

Off the Shoulder Black top:


Leather pants:


Jackie from "That 70s Show"

Jackie is one of my favorite characters from "That 70s Show". One of her iconic looks is her "I am SO a Virgin" shirt paired with white jeans and a rainbow belt, but you can re-create the look however you want! Or just wear 70s inspired clothes, that works too.

What You Need:

I am SO a Virgin Shirt:


There you have some fun Halloween ideas for this year! They are a little more unique than an angel and devil, so I hope they gave you some inspiration for this year.

Let me know if you liked this post in the comments below! Also feel free to leave post suggestions, I would love to hear what you guys want to read.



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